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Demonstrating the Value of Biodiversity to the Tourism Sector in Costa Rica

Working with the Central Bank of Costa Rica, and in collaboration with Dr. Jeffrey Smith, I have evaluated the role of biodiversity in driving tourism to and within the country. With the results of our research, we are working to transform the tourism sector so that biodiversity gets protected in this sector.

This is still work in progress, and there is a manuscript under review about this work.

Transforming the coffee sector: Biodiversity and Traceability

Together with ICAFE (the National Coffee Institute in Costa Rica), I am leading a project to change the way coffee is grown. I am working with growers to incentivize the adoption of more biodiversity-friendly practices on coffee farms, such as shade-grown coffee. I am also working to implement the traceability platform (video in the left) with coffee growers and to start a national certification program for biodiversity-friendly coffee.

This is still work in progress, and a project I am doing as a postdoc with the Natural Capital Project.

Image by Rodrigo Flores
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