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Media coverage and public outreach

I believe that my role as a scientist is also to educate and raise awareness on the issues that are important to me. Beyond my academic publications, I care about disseminating and mobilizing my research, so I work with journalists and science communicators to do so. Below are some selected examples of how my research and work have been covered by the media with popular media coverage on Forbes science, Washington Post, and ELLE magazine Canada.

I love communicating my passion for birds, youth advocacy, women in science, fashion and sustainability, biodiversity conservation, and all things related to wild animals!- if you’d like me to talk or write about these topics, please get in touch!


También se habla español! 


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Blogs, newspaper columns, and written media
 Textos en Español and Texts in English

Popular media coverage

Blog posts

Media coverage of research articles

Coverage of Echeverri, et al. (2023). Nature Ecology and Evolution, "Colombian biodiversity is governed by a rich and diverse policy mix"


Stanford News | Nature Ecology and Evolution Community Blog | Nature News | El Espectador Colombia

Coverage of Soares... Echeverri... et al. (2023). Ornithological Applications, "Neotropical ornithology: Reckoning with historical assumptions, removing systemic barriers, and reimagining the future"

Science News | Crónica, Mexico | El Tiempo Colombia

Coverage of Echeverri, Smith, et al. (2022). PNAS, "Biodiversity and infrastructure interact to drive tourism to and within Costa Rica"

        Stanford News | SciNet | The Conversation | Front page in La Nacion Costa Rica 









Coverage of Smith, et al. (2022). Journal of Applied Ecology, "Complex landscapes stabilize farm bird communities and their expected ecosystem services"

        British Ecological Society | Cool Green Science | The Applied Ecologist


Coverage of Echeverri, et al. (2021). Conservation Letters, "Avian cultural services peak in tropical wet forests"

Envirobites | Stanford News | UC Davis | Tekcrispy |

Coverage on Smith, Taylor, Echeverri, et al. (2021). Biological Conservation, "Big wheel keep on turnin': Linking grower attitudes, farm management, and delivery of avian ecosystem services"


Cool Green Science

Coverage on Echeverri, et al. (2020). People and Nature, "Can avian functional traits predict cultural ecosystem services?"

        Rachel Carson Prize shortlisted papers | Relational thinking blog


Coverage of Callahan, Echeverri, et al. (2019). Nature Palgrave Communications, "Using the Phylo Card Game to advance biodiversity conservation in an era of Pokémon"

The Tyee | UBC News  

Coverage of Dinat, Echeverri, et al. (2019). Human Dimensions of Wildlife, "Eco-xenophobia among rural populations: The Great-tailed Grackle as a contested species in Guanacaste, Costa Rica"


El Heraldo |  Green College Blog posts


Coverage of Karp, et al. (2018). Global Change Biology, "Agriculture erases climate driven ś-diversity"

UC Davis | Boletín informativo FuturAgua | Resumen de resultados de investigaciones interdisciplinarias

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